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The Pinewood Derby has been rescheduled for February 4th.  Log in and click on "Pack Calendar" in the main menu to see the schedule.

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Pinewood Derby  

Pinewood Derby

The purpose of the Pinewood Derby is to have fun while promoting sportsmanship, competition, and basic woodworking skills. This is intended to be a project for the Cub Scout and parent to work on together. Adult supervision and assistance is encouraged. Scouts working alone could get seriously hurt. Parents working alone defeat the purpose of the project. We encourage parents to teach their sons the shop skills to use hand and power tools, as well as, the techniques and theories for building a fast car. Areas of construction that you believe are beyond your son’s capability should be explained and performed by the parent. The Cub Scout should participate in and understand all phases of building the car. It is up to each family to determine the level of parental involvement.

The primary competitions will be for speed. Scouts will compete in double-elimination races against other scouts within their dens and age groups of scouts of their same rank: Tigers, Wolves, Bears, Webelos I, and Webelos II. In each rank, three medals will be awarded to the boys with the three fastest cars of that rank. In each rank for fastest cars, first place is a blue medal, second place is a red medal, and third place is a white medal. Within each rank, one certificate will be awarded for each of the following four categories:


  1. Most Artistic and Creative
  2. Most Racecar Like
  3. Best Design and Appearance
  4. Judge's Pick.


Each first place fastest car of each rank will compete in the George Mason District race where the various Packs of our district compete against each other. In the district race, the boys only compete against other scouts of their same rank. In the district race, trophies are given to each first place, second place, and third place fastest cars in each rank. In our Pack 1116 Championship race, each first place, second place, and third place fastest cars in each rank will compete. Trophies will be awarded to the three boys who place in the Pack Championship Race; first place will be a large trophy, second place will be a medium trophy, and third place will be a small trophy.


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